The Jenby's in Schools Project

At Jenby’s we believe passionately that we need to work together as a whole community to promote and improve children’s mental health. 

The Jenby's in schools project creates a powerful platform for us to join together with schools and parents / carers to equip and empower the next generation with the knowledge, understanding and tools to look after their mental health.

We don't wait till our children's teeth are falling out to educate them on how to look after their dental health, so we should be just as proactive with their mental health.  We provide schools with a unique preventative package which allows them to achieve this goal and ultimately better equip their pupils throughout their primary years and beyond! 

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Jenby's in Schools Impact Data

At the end of each term we collect and analyse the outcome data collected from our 6 week Jenby's in schools groups run in all 10 of our partnered schools.  Each school then receives a detailed report that evidences the impact of the Jenby's in schools project in their school.  We are so proud of our impact data we wanted to share some of it with you ALL! 

The % increase is in JUST 6 weeks (45-60 minutes a week) - WHICH IS AMAZING! 

Below are some key results from term 2 - January to May 2019:


Average increase in children's ability to talk about their feelings


Average increase in ability to recognise, understand and manage anxiety


Average increase in feeling equipped to manage difficult emotions


Parents/carers would recommend Jenby's in schools groups

How the Jenby's in Schools project works...

The Jenby's in Schools project is a whole school approach to promoting and improving children's emotional and mental health.  We do this by focusing on 5 key areas: 1. Jenby's in Schools groups;  2. Clinical psychologist lead training for the WHOLE staff team; 3. Training, CPD and continued supervision / support to group facilitators; 4. Parent/carer online workshops and 5. Termly outcome data reports.  To really make a difference to the emotional mental health of the next generation we believe we need to WORK TOGETHER and the Jenby's in Schools project has been designed to do just that! 

Below is a summary of each key area: 

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1. Jenby's Groups

At the very heart of the Jenby's in schools groups is our clinical psychologist designed and developed groups. When you subscribe to our programme you are provided with all the knowledge, supervision and resources/materials you will need to run our fabulous groups in your schools. We know how busy school staff are so we have provided everything you need to run Jenby's groups in your school, from worksheets to craft resources, making running our groups enjoyable and straight forward. We currently have two key group packages that have both been proven to have a HUGE positive impact on the pupils that have accessed them.

2. Whole School Training

All of our Jenby's in schools packages include whole school training on a range of child emotional and mental health areas. All of our training sessions are lead by experienced child clinical psychologists. We are currently developing an online CPD area for all staff involved in the Jenby's in Schools project to access. This will provide them with convenient ways of accessing the information and resources they need to best meet their pupils emotional and psychological needs - accessible on mobile, tablet or laptop. Bespoke training is also available by request.

3. Facilitator's Training and Supervision

All our schools have two key members of staff that take on the role of Jenby's facilitators. These key members of staff receive additional training to be able to confidently and competently run the Jenby's in schools groups. ALL Jenby's facilitators receive regular supervision throughout the year with experienced clinical psychologists who are also available to provide support and guidance throughout each schools subscription period. For all 2019/2020 subscriptions we are introducing a bespoke designed online CPD online profile for all our facilitators. This will enable our group facilitators to access and benefit from further online workshops, whilst also having the ability to evidence their learning and development.

4. Parent / Carer Online Workshops

Parent/carer involvement is crucial to the success of the Jenby's in Schools project. We have worked hard to ensure parents/carers can play an active role in their child's experience of attending a Jenby's in Schools group. We have therefore developed a series of online parental workshops for you to access free of charge throughout your child's involvement in a Jenby's in schools group. Your school will provide you with a link to access these workshops.

5. Outcome Data Reports

We believe that ALL interventions that schools subscribe to should be backed by evidence. Jenby's in Schools believes passionately in providing all our partner schools with termly reports that breakdown your individual schools outcome data and impact figures. Each school receives a termly report in both PDF and printed format, allowing them to have up-to-date evidence of the results of our work together.

Child / parent feedback

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The Jenby’s in school project aims to equip teaching staff, parents and carers with knowledge and understanding of child emotional and mental health, whilst empowering children with knowledge, tools and strategies to manage a range of feelings and difficulties.

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Jenby's in the news!

When we launched Jenby's in Schools in 2018 we featured in our local newspapers when over 100 staff from the 10 schools we partnered with came to Addingham Primary School for our LAUNCH workshop that focused on children's mental health.  It was so powerful to have everyone together in one room all with the same key aim to promote and improve their pupils emotional and mental health.

You can see the newspaper article by clicking the link below:

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If you would like your school to promote and improve your pupils emotional and mental health get in touch now!

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Dr Natalie Jewitt - Project Lead

"The Jenby's in Schools project aims to change the way we have previously thought about child mental health. It comes from the perspective that with the right training, guidance and support we can all play a HUGELY significant role in improving children's emotional and mental health and well-being. 

This project steps away from the traditional approach of only offering interventions to children when they present with difficulties and instead moves things forward by encouraging a preventative whole community approach to helping children understand and look after their mental health everyday.

It's time for mental health to proudly take its place alongside dental and physical health. We don’t just teach our children the importance of brushing their teeth when their teeth are falling out, so we shouldn’t be isolating mental health education and tools to only those children who are struggling, let's equip and empower ALL children from an early age"

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